Betting Strategy: the Surebet

The simplest strategy in sports betting is to place exclusively surebets. As Surebet refers to a sports bet. In general, the bet on a sporting event can be placed, for which there are only 2 possible outcomes, such as gain or loss of a team. The Surebet exploits variations in the ratios of various sports books, must therefore be placed at different operators. For a sporting event for which there are 2 possible outcomes are thus 2 bets from different providers required. Football betting is normally not directly suitable for Surebets as a game usually can have 3 possible outcomes: home win, draw or away win. Almost all sports betting sites offer However, the so-called over / under bets. The sports enthusiast can live here on the sum of the goals scored in a game.

Curiously, the total number of goals is always given as half of the number, e.g. over 3.5 goals or under 1.5 goals. Thus, only 2 outputs are possible because in a football game never 3.5 or 1.5 goals can be achieved. That is what makes the over / under bet, a good candidate for Surebets.

If you now find a sportsbook that for a game starting with total over 1.5 goals offering a rate of 2.10, and at the same time find another bookmaker, the one feature output of less than 1.5 goals pays a rate of 2.05, did you tinkered one Surebet. No matter how the game starts, you will always make profit if you both bookmakers betting the same amount. In other words, there is sports bet only 2 possible outcomes, and offer two different providers for each output, a ratio above 2.00, it certainly wins.

Even if the ratio is below 2.00 will have a page on a surebet is possible. In order to stay in the example above, we take on the fictional Bwin for the match output of less than 1.5 goals a quota of 1.40 offers. On the other hand, Betfair promises output over 1.5 goals at odds of 3.75. Bet you are now € 100 at Bwin and 37 euros at Sport bet, the following variants are possible. The game ends with 0 or gates with 1 goal.

In this case, you win at Bwin 140 euros of which you have to deduct 100 euros used. Net income so 40 euros. The bet at Interwetten and lost her sets 37 euros in the sand. Total profit so 3 euros. Conversely, it looks like when the game 2 goals or more can be achieved.

Then your application is 100 euros at Bwin are gone but at Interwetten you win 138.75 euros.Again, the use must be deducted, so that still remain about 101.75 euros net income. When she with the loss of at Bwin against expects her is 1.75 euros in the black.